About us


Education at our School is a combination of participation interaction which makes learning meaningful and enjoyable. Home work are not a carry over of class work but oriented towards enhancing individual talents.

This includes suggested books for reading, physical and sports development general knowledge, civic responsibilities etc.

Our Mission

The mission of our school is to build a responsible younger generation with healthy body and well trained mind with good habbits and accomplishments-conductives to a full, purposeful and noble life to blossom into an integrated personality

Our Motto

The Motto of our school is "Patience, Punctuality & Responsiblity" All the staff and students are expected to keep the school motto always uppermost in their minds through yoga and ensure standard of excellence in all their day activities to ensure success and happiness in every walk of life.

The main emphasise of the School is to maintane glance between physical, mental & spiritual development, For physical development eercises Yoga, various sports activities have been emphasized and in mental development, assan meditation pranayam, havan, debates, has been completely given to the first priority. In spiritual development to embibe the feeling at which will release the internal power of human being and would help in making ideal citizen of a country, and wise human being in the world, the thought of "Vasudhev Kutumbakam" would enrich the country as well as the whole world. That is why, the aim of the school is make perfect human chain for future.